US College students created 60 second videos describing why they should be the next Ultimate Monster Intern and a global audience voted for their favorite.


  • Entice college crowd (18-24) worldwide to engage with Monster and sample the brand
  • Empower US-based college crowd who are current Monster customers to share their enthusiasm for the brand with friend networks via social media
  • Facilitate multiple interactions with the brand over a 4 months period


  • Launch the Ultimate Intern Search Promotion:
  • College students to create a 60 second video describing why they should be the Ultimate Monster Intern. This video was loaded up to a microsite and they could get their friend to vote on their video
  • Only US participants could submit videos. Viewing and voting on videos was open to a global audience
  • Participants receive regular emails encouraging them to get their friends to vote
  • Mobile and web-based promotion


  • 5,200 videos submitted
  • 82,000 votes
  • 1.68 million new Facebook likes

The Ultimate Monster Intern Winner

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