The Ultimate Intern Search Promotion invites college students to create a 60-second video describing why they should be the Ultimate Monster Intern. These videos are uploaded to a microsite and although only US participants can submit videos, viewing and voting on videos are open to a global audience.


  • Entice college crowd (18-24) worldwide to engage with Monster and sample the brand
  • Empower US-based college crowd who are current Monster customers to share their enthusiasm for the brand with friend networks via social media
  • Facilitate multiple interactions with the brand over a 4 months period


  • User-Generated Content: Encourage consumers to share the brand messages with their friends and online networks.
  • Voting: Facilitate consumer-to-consumer marketing by enabling participants to encourage their friends to vote.
  • Gamification: Leverage game theory and a gamification to encourage and extend consumer interactions.
  • Rewards: Incentivize participation, engagement, and sharing by rewarding consumers for interacting with the brand and sharing their brand experiences online.

The Ultimate Monster Intern Winner