Universal Pictures was in need of a solution to stimulate sales of DVDs and Blu-rays while building brand loyalty. Universal Pictures selected 3 tier logic to develop their Gift with Purchase-Based Loyalty Program, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) Rewards.

Consumers purchase a qualifying DVD/Blu-ray from any retailer that contains a PIN code and visit the UPHE Rewards website on any web-enabled device to submit a PIN code which unlocks a hidden registration form to join the program. Consumers receive an instant free movie download for purchase after they submit a PIN code and can continue to earn reward points for participating in call-to-actions such as: sharing UPHE content with their network on social media and watching movie trailers.


  • Drive sales of new release films on DVD and Blu-ray
  • Acquire consumer demographic data, email addresses, and film preferences for ongoing retargeting
  • Gather insights into consumer buying behavior from receipt transactional data
  • Deliver personalized messaging, movie recommendations, and relevant content to consumers
  • Build one-to-one relationships with consumers


  • Mobile-optimized microsite to host the user experience and acquire consumer demographic data
  • Rewards and Gamification to influence purchasing decisions
  • Purchase Receipt and PIN Code Validation to gather insights into consumer buying bevahiour
  • Social content sharing to drive brand advocacy among users
  • Data-driven insights for consumer retargeting initiatives


Program run date: March 21, 2017, to March 20, 2018