Loyalty, Rewards & Gamification

With PLATFORM³‘s Loyalty, Rewards and Gamification module, brands can drive ongoing repeat purchases while rewarding customers and gathering valuable shopper data.


Brands can launch standalone programs or integrate them with a promotion such as purchase receipt scanning, a contest, event or sales drive. Programs can run for any period of time with specific start and stop dates and set budgets.

Shoppers participate in brand engagement activities and earn points that are redeemed for rewards such as brand merchandise, gift cards, swag, extra contest entries and entries to win cash prizes.

Some of our popular brand engagement activities are:

  • Purchasing a product and scanning the receipt
  • Liking the brand on Facebook
  • Watching a video
  • Inviting a friend to join a promotion
  • Posting about the brand
  • Tweeting or sharing about a promotion, event, product, sale or contest


The team at 3 tier logic can create custom rewards and prizing programs designed to engage specific shopper demographics and promote select retailers.

We have strong relationships with organizations that provide exclusive, high-value digital rewards, allowing you to leverage your rewards dollars.

We can also facilitate large jackpots and physical rewards and experiences such as trips, hotel stays and merchandise.