Retargeting and Automated Messaging


Through automated marketing and re-targeting technology, PLATFORM³‘s Retargeting and Automated Messaging module is designed to establish ongoing dialogue with shoppers during and after a promotion.

This module facilitates repeat purchases, purchases of other brand products, brand education, and engagement.

It also enables brands to send targeted messages to promotion participants, and messaging starts when shoppers engage with a promotion launched on PLATFORM³ such as entering a sweepstakes or uploading a purchase receipt.

Messages can feature content and offers based on shopper behaviour such as purchase amounts, content sharing and other engagement activities. Content can include targeted coupons, product offers, product recommendations, calls to action or reminders to repurchase.

Some messaging features popular among our clients are:

  • Activating automated reminder messaging based on product purchased and date. For example, if a shopper purchases a product that is generally consumed within three months, the module can send an automated message with a coupon or call to action to purchase again close to the end of the three month period.
  • Activating product pairing and recommendations based on purchases scanned from uploaded receipts
  • Recommending products other customers have bought related to the purchase on the receipt