Background & Challenge

Founded in 1980 as a distribution company, Central Garden & Pet is a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for the lawn, garden, and pet supplies markets with over $1.8 billion in annual sales. Central Garden & Pet manufactures products for pets (such as: grooming products, flea and tick products, and dog treats) and products for lawns and gardens (such as: plants and flowers, fertilizers, and pest control products), and is marketed under over 60 brands.

The challenge for Central Garden & Pet was keeping their Farnam® brand top of mind amongst consumers in need of equine products and services. The Horse Care Loyalty rewards program was created in response to that and it drives purchase frequency by supporting those who are already customers of Central Garden & Pet, introducing Farnam® and Central Garden & Pet to potential customers, incentivizing them to make an initial purchase, and in turn, grows customer loyalty.

Key Deliverables

  • Influence initial purchase
  • Drive purchase frequency
  • Build loyalty


3 tier logic used PLATFORM³ to configure a consumer portal for the Horse Care Loyalty rewards program. The consumer portal hosts various PLATFORM³ modules including Contests & Promotions, Purchase Receipt Validation, Retargeting & Automated Messaging, Loyalty, Rewards & Gamification, and Data Capture & Analytics.

Under this loyalty program, consumers purchase Farnam® horse products from any retailer or online store. When consumers have purchased five Farnam® horse products, they get the next one for free. 

Consumers can register on the consumer portal before or after making a qualifying purchase; after making a purchase, the consumer is required to take a picture of the purchase receipt and upload it on the microsite. Upon receipt validation and after the consumer’s fifth purchase, the consumer will receive the next one for free.

Consumers are allowed to accumulate purchases freely and can space out their receipt entries without restriction. 3 tier logic utilized PLATFORM³’s Machine Learning capabilities to keep track of consumers’ receipt entries and upon validating a fifth purchase, consumers get their next Farnam® horse products for free as a horse care reward. Consumers can also earn multiple horse care rewards during the duration of the loyalty program by purchasing the required amount of Farnam® horse products to keep on getting the sixth one for free. 

3 tier logic leveraged PLATFORM³’s Purchase Receipt Validation module to provide our client with a way to engage consumers on their mobile device, and the Data Capture & Analytics module to help our clients gain shopper knowledge from receipt uploads.

Program Run Dates