Background & Challenge 

Founded in 1914 and presently distributing its products in more than 100 countries worldwide, The Toro Company is a global company with over $2.5 billion in sales. The Toro Company manufactures equipment for the outdoor environment including turf maintenance, snow and ice management, landscape, rental and specialty construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions, and is marketed under 9 brands.

The challenge for The Toro Company was keeping the Toro brand top of mind amongst landscape contractors and in turn, grow customer loyalty.

The Toro Company started running a Toro Rewards program with 3 tier logic in February of 2017, but also had loyalty programs for other divisions running with different platforms. Based on the success of the Toro Rewards program, The Toro Company chose 3 tier logic to house and aggregate the different loyalty programs into one, and in January 2018, The One Landscape Contractor Loyalty Program was launched.

The One Landscape Contractor Loyalty Program drives purchase frequency by supporting landscape contractors who are already customers of Toro, and introduces Toro to the landscape contractors that have not yet used products from the Toro brand, incentivizing them to make an initial purchase.

Key Deliverables

  • Influence initial purchase
  • Drive purchase frequency
  • Build loyalty


3 tier logic used PLATFORM³ to configure a consumer portal for The One Landscape Contractor Loyalty Program. The consumer portal hosts various PLATFORM³ modules including Contests & Promotions, Purchase Receipt Validation, Retargeting & Automated Messaging, Loyalty, Rewards & Gamification, and Data Capture & Analytics.

Under the promotion, landscape contractors purchase Toro genuine parts and accessories, as well as qualifying Toro irrigation, Irritrol and Unique Lighting Systems from any Toro dealer or retailer such as Home Depot and Home Hardware to earn points.

Landscape contractors can register on the consumer portal or sign in through Facebook or Twitter. After making a qualifying purchase, they upload a picture of their receipt on the consumer portal  and upon receipt validation, are rewarded with points.

3 tier logic utilized PLATFORM³’s loyalty, rewards and gamification module to make the program fun and engaging. In addition to uploading receipts, landscape contractors can earn points by watching educational videos that provide them with landscaping tips and best practices that they can pass on to their own retail customers or clients (such as homeowners or business owners). They can also earn points by sharing information about the program on Facebook, as well as sharing their own Toro photos.

The points that they earn by participating in the program can be redeemed for Visa gift cards, Domino’s gift cards, Cabela’s gift cards, exclusive Toro, Irritrol, and Unique Lighting Systems swag, etc.

To keep Toro top of mind amongst the landscape contractors, 3 tier logic also utilized its A.I Retargeting and Automated Messaging module to send them targeted messages and offers based on what products they purchased, what videos they watched, etc.

Our next challenge is to expand the program out of the US markets into other markets such as the Canadian market.

Program Run Dates