To foster loyalty among its shoppers and increase retailer sales in the mall, 3 tier logic worked with its client to launch a no-purchase sweepstakes where consumers were asked to register for a chance to win one of the following prizes: 52 pairs of shoes (maximum value of $5,200), 26 pairs of shoes (maximum value of $2,600), or a $3,000 gift card to GTC.


To meet the client’s objective of increasing customer loyalty and retailer sales in the mall, 3 tier logic used PLATFORM³ to configure a microsite for the Step into Spring Sweepstakes. The microsite hosted our Contests & Promotions and Data Capture & Analytics modules, and customers registered on the microsite via any of the four (4) iPad stations located inside GTC. The registration form captured demographic information including name, email address, postal code, age, and gender, and an email opt-in check box. Customers were also asked to describe the type of “shoe lover” they are and were able to select a choice from a drop-down menu.

PLATFORM³ provided the client with a way to engage consumers and gain shopper knowledge from registration forms.

Program run date

March 24, 2017, to April 2, 2017.