Background & Objective 

Bayer Animal Health, a division of Bayer (a pharmaceutical and life sciences company), is committed to providing pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters with products and resources to care for animals, such as: K9 Advantix® II and Advantage® II for protection against fleas and lice.

In working with 3 tier logic, Bayer’s objective was to drive initial purchase and purchase frequency for its Advantage® products.

The “No Bite is Right” promotion drives repeat purchase for Bayer by encouraging its customers to make additional purchases to win more, and introduces Bayer to potential customers by incentivizing them to make an initial purchase.

Key Deliverables

  • Influence initial purchase
  • Drive repeat purchase


3 tier logic used PLATFORM³ to create a microsite for the “No Bite is Right” promotion, which hosts various PLATFORM³ modules including Contests & Promotions, Purchase Receipt Validation, Shopper Messaging, and Data Capture & Analytics.

Under the promotion, consumers purchase any (4) four or (6) pack participating product in the Advantage® family from a veterinary clinic in Canada or online through MyVetStore to receive a reward.

Consumers can register on the microsite before or after making a qualifying purchase; after making a purchase, the consumer is required to take a picture of the purchase receipt and upload it on the microsite. If consumers register before making a qualifying purchase, they can easily log on to the microsite at a future time after they purchase the participating products. Upon receipt validation, the consumers are rewarded with $10. Consumers are also given the option to purchase (2) two of the participating products and receive $20, thus driving repeat purchase and increasing basket size for Bayer and its Advantage® products. 

3 tier logic leveraged PLATFORM³’s Purchase Receipt Validation module to provide our client with a way to engage consumers on their mobile device, and the Data Capture & Analytics module to help our clients gain shopper knowledge from receipt uploads. 

Program run date

March 1, 2018, to June 30, 2018.