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Don't just engage, keep the interaction going and learn which customers love your brand.

3 Tier Logic's Platform3 gives our customers deeper marketing engagements that yield more meaningful results than just grab-and-go promotions. Our on-the-fly Campaign Builder is integrated with 3 Tier Logic Rewards, keeping consumers more closely tied with your brand activities (and for longer). Finally, we integrated Data Insights and Social Data Mining throughout our platform so you can find deeper information about your audience. To find out more read an overview of Platform3.

Meet Platform3

A digital marketing platform built on our 3 tiers of success: Engagement. Measurement. Prediction.


Activate and Engage

Engage consumers across mobile, social and web on an individual and group basis.


Data Mining

Track how consumers engage and advocate, and data mine to identify influential fans.


Segment and Allocate

Segment consumer interactions on advocacy, participation and likely future behaviors.


Loyalty and Rewards

Reward consumer behaviors to accelerate engagement, sharing and loyalty.


Drive Revenues

Invite the most influential brand ambassadors to exclusive promotions and events.


See how our clients are using Platform3 across different industries.

Don't just take our word for it, see how our customers are creating deeper engagements with 3TL.


Build brand promotions for web, mobile, and social with 3TL's Campaign Builder.


Tie your digital and social promotions to a larger data strategy and build long-term results.

Our Campaign Builder is built directly on top of Platform3 so you get the benefits of tying promotional data together with rewards and data insights. Our customers appreciate the ability to run both custom-coded projects as well as use our own Builder Tool to build Facebook tabs and microsites. Get a demo and build your next promotion with us.

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Activate and Engage.

Use marketing and promotion programs to create consumer engagement and interaction.


Incentivize your most valuable customers with Platform3's Rewards module.


Our rewards platform works both online and offline, giving you more wholesome data insights.

Using digital rewards is more than just a loyalty program. It's an opportunity to learn even more about your customer, get insights about how they're interacting with your brand online and offline, and rewarding them for the little things so they feel appreciated and want to spend more with your brand.

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Reward online and offline.

Our rewards module let's you build incentives and listen out-of-the-box.

Promotional Integration

Because everything is based on Platform3, you can integrate rewards into promotional campaigns.

Social Engagement

Platform3 listens for behaviors on social networks that you can choose to reward to drive loyalty.

Offline Check-ins

Use one of 3TL's Engagement Kiosks to encourage check-ins at retail locations and drive traffic to your location.

Custom Rewards

Define custom behaviors to track outside of our platform so you can create out-of-the-box rewards.


Segmentation, tracking, and data mining done right.


Digital marketing activities integrated with Platform3 get insights across multiple networks.

The best kind of data is data that ties all of your activities together. Data Insights lets our customers segment and track how engagement is happening across their brand activites. And it wouldn't be possible without Platform3.

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Start building deeper engagements with your customers today!

Your brand's online and offline engagements have the potential to become deeper and more meaningful than ever. We help our customers build promotions on-the-fly, build long-term relationships with rewards, and get insightful data with the 3TL Platform. Send us a message or give us a call at +1 (877) 623-8437.

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